1973 Porsche 914
1973 Porsche 914
Color: White
Engine Size: 2270

Bare 2270 longblock.

Bare 2270 longblock.

Partially dressed.

Tins, carbs, coil installed.

Too much sealant. These got blasted & powdercoated.

Oil pressure sender relocated.

Air cleaners on.

Oil breather installed.

SSI heat exchangers going on.

Endplay set, and flywheel/clutch installed.

Installing breather lines.

Fuel pump mounted and wired.

Clutch tube repaired.

Clutch tube inner rewelded.

Fuel return port blocked off.

Fuel filter installed.

Front sway bar installed.

2270 Type IV in the car.

2270 Type IV installed.

CV Joints safety wired.

Aux. gauge wires added.

Aux. gauge wires in heat shrink.

Fabricate longer linkage arms.

Brake master leaking.

Old master cylinder.

New master cylinder installed.

Rusty PS jack point.

Old metal removed.

New tube welded on.

Hidden areas painted.

Backside painted.

Welding on the new jack point support.

Top of jack point welded.

Jack point replaced and rocker installed.

DS jack point has a few weld/grind holes.

DS jack point patched and painted.

Door jamb rust.

Quarter panel rust.

Repaired and primed.

DS rocker panel installed.

Custom gauge panel.

Oil temp, oil press, quad CHT.

Oil temp, oil press, quad CHT.

Oil temp, oil press, quad CHT
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