1971 Porsche 914
1971 Porsche 914
Color: Blue
Engine Size: 1.7

Flares installed and bodywork started.

Flares on.

More flare pics.

More flare pics.

More flare pics.

Inner rear box section welded in.

2270 engine build starting.

Machined and cleaned.

Cleaned studs, soda blasted, and machined.

Mockup assembly to check clearances.

Preparing the build.

Engine case machined.

Engine case cleaned and prepped.

Test fitting crank and cam.

Shortblock assembled.

78mm crank and Type4Store cam.

Engine and transmission removed.

Draining 901 transmission.

Gear stack removed from case.

Pinion bearing wear.

Main shaft bearing wear.

1st gear slider.

1st Gear Synchro

1st Gear Teeth

2nd gear side of slider.

2nd Gear dogteeth.

2nd Gear Synchro

3rd gear side of slider.

3rd Gear Syncro

3rd Gear Dogteeth

4th gear side of slider.

4th Gear Synchro

4th Gear Teeth

5th gear side of slider.

5th Gear Synchro

5th Gear Teeth

Hoffman RS+ heads installed.

911 swivel foot adjusters.

Pinion shaft assembled.

Input shaft assembled.

Transmission complete.

Rusty hell-hole.

Patch panel tacked into place.

Seam welded and ground.

Inner fender panel welded.

Finished engine bay metalwork.

Engine and trans parts zinc plated.

Poorly installed hinge bracket.

New rear hinge bracket.

Wiring harness layout.

Wiring harness ready for heat shrink.

EV14 Injectors

MicroSquirt fuel injection almost done.

Seam welding GT cooler opening.

Ground and smoothed.

Engine bay seals installed.

Engine bay seals installed.

Poor fuel pump relocation solder joint.

Poor fuel pump relocation solder joint.

Fuel pump wire fixed and protected.

Preparing to install engine and transmission.

Drivetrain going in.

Engine installed.

Engine installed.

Rewiring third brake light with correct 914 color wires.

Shifter disassembled.

Shift rod wear.

Shift rod welded and reground.

Ready to reassemble.

Assembled shifter.

Custom bumper rechromed.
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