1973 Porsche 914
1973 Porsche 914
Color: Signal Orange
Engine Size: 2476

Stripped and on the chassis cart.

Sidemarkers will be closed.

Hell hole.

Front bumper mount.

Sail panel.

PS inner long.

PS long front.

PS outer long.

DS inner long.

DS long front.

DS Long outer.

Car completely disassembled.

Rusty hell hole.

Rusty PS long.

Rust at PS long front.

Rust inside PS long.

Rust at DS long front.

Rust at PS front bumper mount.

Rust DS long inside.

Rusty DS long.

Rust behind PS door striker.

Rust in rear trunk.

Rust near DS bumper mount.

Removing door threshold.

Cutting away bad metal.

New PS lower section welded in.

New PS outer long welded on.

DS long opened up.

DS long inner wall repaired.

DS long outer repaired.

Sail panel rust.

Sail panel rust.

Sail panel rust.

Bad metal cut.

New patch installed.

Minor dent in DS rear fender.

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