1970 Porsche 914
1970 Porsche 914
Color: Irish Green
Engine Size: 2.7

Beautiful 1970 914.

Beautiful 1970 914.

Installing sway bar brackets.

Installing sway bar brackets.

Clutch tube has been ripped out.

Cracked and bent metal.

Metal straightened back to flat.

Welded and ground.

Clutch tube brace is missing.

Fabricated a replacement.

Brazed on, just like factory.

Bracket is welded to the tunnel.

Brazed the tube back to the firewall, just like factory.

Old battery tray.

Ready to weld the patch.

Welding the patch.

Patch completed.

Rich Johnson six mount welded in.

914/6 oil tank holes marked out.

Pre-drill holes to remove majority of material.

914-6 oil tank holes complete.

Sway bar brackets painted.

New battery tray .

Patch painted.

Mount painted.
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