1968 Porsche 912
1968 Porsche 912
Color: Gray
Engine Size: 2316

Motor and transmission arrives.

2316 and 901 from Aircooled Technology

A Jake Raby 2316

The chassis arrives

Ready for a new powerplant.

912E engine mount interferes with dipstick housing.

Excess material on dipstick housing.

Modified housing now clears.

Elephant Racing monoball pivots installed.

Mockup engine with 912E mount bar.

Paper mockup of custom engine mounts.

Custom engine mounts in steel.

Custom engine mounts bent into shape.

Muffler hanger was modified (912E bar interference) and then powdercoated.

Engine mounts powdercoated.

Minor body modifications. M12 threaded inserts welded to frame.

Muffler hanger installed.

Engine mounts installed.

Setrab oil cooler (w/ fan).

Stock 912 tin modified to fit. Rough test fit first.

Rough test fit of modded 912 tin.

Fits perfectly, now to finish up the fitment work.

912 tin fits great.

912 tin fits great.

912 tin fits great.

912 tin fits great.

E3 combo gauge installed in custom 'floating' mount.

Finalizing the engine tin.

Finalizing the engine tin.

Finalizing the engine tin.

Throttle cable adapter. Makes a 914 throttle cable work.

Tube brazed onto custom adapter.

Installed, including cable.

View from inside, black piece is the adapter.

Oil filter, thermostat, and two oil lines test fit.

MGL Avionics E3 gauge installed in 'floating' mount, with room for second gauge.

Powdercoated parts, done here are Original Customs.

Engine electronics. AFR, fuse block, oil cooler fan control, and rev limiter.

Coil mount location.

Fuel pressure regulator with gauge.

Oil pressure relocation hose.

Spot faced, drilled and tapped the alternator stand.

Oil pressure sender installed.

Oil pressure sender, right side of alternator.

Fuel pump and filter mounted and plumbed.

Hitch setup 99% complete.

Hitch setup 99% complete.

Hitch setup 99% complete.

Hitch setup 99% complete.

Breather box mounted.

Fuel setup being plumbed.

Interior fan mount welded in.

Interior fan mount welded in.

More powdercoating.

AFR sensor brain mount plate.

Motor ready to go in for the last time.

Shifter joint slop.

New shifter joint bushings.

Interior all put back together.

Motor complete.

Motor complete.

Motor complete.
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