1973 BMW 2002
1973 BMW 2002
Color: Chamonix
Engine Size: 2002

Throttle pivot ball w/ wear groove.

Throttle pivot ball welded and reshaped.

New spark plug wires.

New spark plug wires.

Head exhaust stud leak.

Intake manifold resurfaced.

Throttle arm wear groove.

Throttle arm welded and reshaped.

Dirty door latch mechanism.

Clean and ready for white lithium grease.

New door stays.

Rusty spare tire well.

Full extent of the rust is exposed.

Complete floor cut out.

Six patch panels later, good as new.

Sticky, dirty distributor.

Old grease and dirt.

Nice and clean.

Sticky advance mechanism.

All clean and lubed with Bosch grease.

Spare tire well painted.

Tire in place.

Rear subframe mounts are not so great.

Rear subframe mounts are not so great.
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