1971 Porsche 914/6
1971 Porsche 914/6
Color: Silver
Engine Size: 2.0

Car as delivered.

Car as delivered.

Car as delivered.

Car as delivered.

Car as delivered.

Windshield out exposes rust.

Windshield out exposes rust.

Driver's side longitudinal rust.

Driver's side longitudinal rust.

Rust cut out.

Rust cut out.

Patch panel ready to go in.

Rust repaired.

Rust repaired.

Rust repaired.

Removing bondo.

Exposing problem areas.

Big messes.

More bad repairs.

Poor patch jobs.

Removed bad metal.

Patch done on inner structure.

Dead pass side longitudinal.

Tearing apart.

Insufficient patching.

Removing old pieces to find huge holes.

Ridiculous jack point repair.

Horrible patch job.

Cutting out all the garbage.

More bad metal removed.

More bad metal removed.

Bad flare job undone.

Tons of extra metal overlapping.

Too much overlap to catch water and rust.

Found this coin under the seat.

Major repairs starting.

Cut off the door sill.

Removed the inner rocker.

Removed the air tube.

Removed the asinine patch job.

All the rust longitudinal removed.

More dumb patch work up here.

Removing more metal.

Nearly all the bad stuff is gone.

Moving the seat belt bolt to the 914/6 location.

Front air tube test fit.

Rear inner wheelwell patched.

Rust on floorpan cut out.

Inner support patch fabbed.

Inner support welded in.

Paint before sealing these parts.

Paint areas which won't be accessible later.

Inner longitudinal installed.

Rear heater tube.

Front heater tube.

Paper heater tube installed.

Outer longitudinal welded on.

Weld detail.

Rear outer longitudinal patch.

Rear outer longitudinal patched.

Jack tube welded to long.

Paint before welding.

Jack point finished.

Test fit rocker panel.

Door pillar rusted out.

Door pillar refabricated.

New lower door pillar.

New lower door pillar.

New door threshold in place.

Rotten cowl cut out.

Rotten cowl cut out.

Donor cowl welded in.

Hole-y firewall.

Hole-y firewall.

Patched firewall.

Patched firewall.

Yes there is a patch there.

Door latch patched.

Multiple firewall holes plugged.

Firewall ground smooth.

Giant inner fender hole patched.

Giant inner fender hole done.

Front corner removed.

Donor piece welded in.

Rear wheel test fit.

Front wheel test fit.

Front right flare going back on.

Rusty seal channel.

Seal channel repair started.

Front PS flare reinstalled.

Yet another bad patch.

Final bad flare removed.

Patched holes in sail panel.

GT cooler outlet cut.

Patrick Motorsports louvered panel.

GT cooler outlet done.

GT cooler inlet with mesh.

Steel bumper with GT opening.

Floor pan rust.

Patching the floor.

Reinforced with new triangle.

More floor pan rust.

Floor pan patched with reinforcement.

Floor pan tar stripped.

Rust areas under headlight patched.

New muffler shield going in.

New muffler shield.

Patching lower fender rust.

Patching lower fender rust.

Hole in suspension console.

Reinforced suspension console.

Patching lower fender rust.

Welds ground smooth.

Must rust cut out.

More rust patched.

Lower fender attached to sill.

Front flares complete.

Rear flares widened 1.5 inches.

Rear flares widened 1.5 inches.

Relay board relocated.

Driver side long kit installed.

Longitudintal reinforcements installed.

Long kit welded in.

Long kit rear piece.

Rear GT reinforcement welded and smoothed.

Powdercoated suspension parts.

Media blasted and off to the paint shop.

Sandblasted chassis (not sand).

Bare metal and headed to paint.

Stripped body ready for paint.
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